How You Can Use VR to Improve Your Golf Game

You can use virtual reality for practically anything these days! From virtual reality movies to VR professional training, more and more companies adopt VR technology to both help and entertain people.

This is also true the world of sports. Athletes spend a lot of time, effort, and money to perfect their craft. They’ll head over to the training grounds at the break of dawn to train. They’re willing to invest in the best gear to enhance their performance. Once they’ve trained all they can, it will all be worth it once they beat their personal record.

While many people view golf as a relatively less intense sport, the game does have its fair share of enthusiasts. Golfers clamor to perfect their swing at the nearest golf course. Some golfers even travel all across the state just to find the perfect golf course that will improve their skills., a U.S. golfing publication, launched a new VR platform that can change golf training forever. The platform analyzes a player’s movements to help them improve their swing. Alongside the AI analysis, players also connect with professional golf instructors to give them a more in-depth rundown of what they can do to get better at golf.

With this technology, amateur golfers can get in touch with a professional who could be on the other side of the country. However, thanks to VR technology, they no longer need to travel. This also helps professional golf instructors to reach many players who want their tutelage. For the price of a VR console and a fee for the instructors, you can enhance your golf game without the hassle.

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Everybody’s Golf

Not everyone wants a professional golf instructor and fancy AI to improve their skills. Some golfers are hardcore believers of “practice makes perfect.”

Everybody’s Golf is an upcoming VR golf game set to be released on May 21, 2019. The game requires a Sony PlayStation 4 and a Sony PlayStation VR. To put it simply, the game is literally just playing golf by using your controller. However, with the VR tech in place, you’re given a 360-degree view of the course. This allows you to see the terrain of the course and plan accordingly.

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It’s not as in-depth as’s VR platform, but at least it gives you freedom of movement. You can adjust your swing based on how well you play each round. There’s no pressure from an instructor who’s paid for each session. Most importantly, you’ll only need to pay for the game if you already have the right PlayStation equipment.

Practice your swing at home before you head over to the course. VR golf is now so accessible that every golf enthusiast should give it a try!